Good Bug, Bad Bug

Good Bugs and Bad Bug

There is nothing bad about the Lady Beetle, Ladybird Beetle, or as we call them, Ladybugs to a gardener. They aren’t really a bug; they are a beetle, and they LOVE to eat aphids, scale insects, white flies, mites, and other soft-bodied pests. Over its lifetime, one lady beetle will eat 5,000 aphids, so this is why gardeners encourage this beneficial predator to visit their plants. Their distinctive spots and attractive colors are meant to make them unappealing to other predators.Their spots may help determine what species they are, but have nothing to do with their age, which is a common misconception.

The larvae look nothing like the adult lady beetle. The lady beetle will lay eggs (bright yellow) in a secluded area, and sometimes on plants infested with aphids. Many a home gardener has destroyed the larvae due it looking to be a menace. Children and adults alike marvel at this tiny, but mighty beneficial. They just smile when we see them in our gardens.

Good Bugs and Bad Bug1

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